Masques de protection

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Available in quantities of 10 for $25 and 200 for $400. Orders are processed in 1 – 3 business days.

Nos masques de protection sont conçus et fabriqués au Canada pour vous protéger, et aussi ceux qui vous entourent.

Nos masques sont fabriqués avec un matériau de qualité hospitalière respectant les spécifications définies par le “Centres pour le Contrôle et la Prévention des catastrophes”.  Ils sont disponibles en tailles adulte et enfant.


  • 2 couches de 100% polypropylène (25 g/m2)
  • Protège-nez flexible pour plus de confort
  • Élastique 1/4 ″ en épaisseur pour les oreilles
  • Lavable et réutilisable jusqu'à 7 fois si vous suivez nos instructions de nettoyage

Nettoyage / désinfection

  • Laver avec de l'eau tiède et du savon après chaque utilisation
  • Suspendre pour sécher (ceci est nécessaire pour réutilisé jusqu'à 7 fois)
  • Évitez les produits chimiques agressifs ou abrasifs
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Les masques de protection sont livrés à votre porte avec le prix d’expédition incluent. 

  • 2 couches de 100% polypropylène (25 g/m2)
  • Protège-nez flexible pour plus de confort
  • Élastique 1/4 ″ en épaisseur pour les oreilles
  • Lavable et réutilisable jusqu'à 7 fois si vous suivez nos instructions de nettoyage

Nettoyage / désinfection

  • Laver avec de l'eau tiède et du savon après chaque utilisation
  • Suspendre pour sécher (ceci est nécessaire pour réutilisé jusqu'à 7 fois)
  • Évitez les produits chimiques agressifs ou abrasifs

Notre produit respecte les spécifications définies par le “Centres Pour le Contrôle et la Prévention des catastrophes”.

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38 avis pour Personal Protection Face Masks

  1. JR

    Got mine thank you!

  2. AmandaN

    good product glad to have found you

  3. Adam K

    got mine quickly thank you

  4. Eric D

    Ordered 250 for my workers

    Thank you

  5. Robert T

    Ordered some for friends and family.
    feels great. its nice to know you can wash them as well.

    all stores sold out.

  6. SallyP (client confirmé)

    Just placed our order for 40…awesome job guys!!!! Look forward to receiving soon…will leave another review when we do

  7. Chris P (client confirmé)

    Received the masks in two (2) business days as promised. Great work!

  8. AR

    Received my order within a few days and they look and feel great. Thank you

  9. blondy3345 (client confirmé)

    Thank you for my order, which I received within a few days of placing online order. Very pleased now that I have my PPE. Thank you to all your employees who are making these masks and shields. Be proud!

  10. Flavio

    Just received masks–good quality and easy to wear. Nice to help Canadians.

  11. Giuseppe Ieraci (client confirmé)

    Ordered Sunday. Got them, Friday. Thank you, for what you’re doing for the community, and Canadians.

  12. MB (client confirmé)

    I just got my masks. As promised I got it fast. It fits really well. Thank you.

  13. Denise Sinden (client confirmé)

    Took one week for my small order. Much faster than I expected and I am very thankful! These appear to be good quality. I am very happy and just order a larger order and 3 face masks. I hope they arrive just as quick as I am trying to support a group home for deafblind adults.

  14. Lyn M (client confirmé)

    Received my masks today, they are awesome. Thank you & your employees for thinking of the Canadian people.. Stay safe.

  15. Darshan (client confirmé)

    Received my order today. Good quality masks.

  16. Luigi Bruno

    excellent service – delivered as promised. Thanks for stepping up to the plate to help Canadians! In return the public his must make sure that our governments help and support domestic supply of such essential services after this is over. Canada must never rely on foreign sources again for such life saving equipment! Thanks again.

  17. Tony Lewin (client confirmé)

    It should be mandated that all ppes be made Canada. It is national security….period!.
    Thank you Canada mask.

  18. Faramarz Dormeshian

    I had removed layer from one side so it was opaque and not clear…now I removed layers from both side and very clear…tks

  19. Mich (client confirmé)

    Took 7 business days to receive them. They were delivered via local mail. I only have one complaint about the masks which are the poor quality of the ear loops. The sample photo shows a fabric type of elastic for the ear loops whereas the masks I received have a semi-transparent flat elastic, similar to a bra strap, but much, much thinner. The loops are also cut too long so the mask sits loose on my face. Will try knotting the loops to see if I get a better fit but worried I’ll snap it. Please consider updating the sample photo so people know exactly what they’re ordering and/or improving the quality of the loops for a better fit. I’d order more if you did! 🙂

    All in all, I appreciate the efforts of this company. Thank you for keeping Canadian’s safe!

  20. Ralph Smith (client confirmé)

    R Smith – April 30, 2020 Received my masks today as promised. very satisfied, Masks are exactly as described and fit me very well, I placed order April 21 and they arrived in my mail box April 30,(7 business days) THANK YOU

  21. Steve p

    Overall the masks are great, the elastic needs to be a little longer maybe 1/4-3/8 inch more as it pulls down on the ears and after wearing all day can be uncomfortable but if this issue gets resolved I give these a 10 out of 10

  22. Michael Petersen (client confirmé)

    Don’t let my 3 stars sway you. I made the order and I just received it today. But I ordered it 13 days ago with expedited shipping which was supposed to take one day instead of the 5-7 days for free shipping. But I contacted them about it and got a response right away with an apology along with a refund for the extra shipping cost. I will order from them again. They’re navigating uncharted territory just like we all are. Thank you CMS!

  23. John (client confirmé)

    Arrived. Took a while but probably got really backlogged after being posted on blogto.

  24. Darlene (client confirmé)

    The fabric quality is fine but the ear loop is not as shown. It is a flimsy clear plastic that I’m concerned won’t last. Fortunately they are now sending me the right ones. Thank you CMS for your excellent customer service AND keeping Canadians safe and working!

  25. Denise Sinden (client confirmé)

    I placed a small order and it came much quicker than I expected. Open the package and was pleased by the quality and feel of these masks. I then placed a larger order as well as 3 face masks. I have now received these as well. I am very happy with this order and am recommending them to my friends and coworkers. 🙂

  26. KM (client confirmé)

    I ordered on Apr 20 and got them today, didn’t expect it could take this long in GTA. They responded to my inquiry quickly, apologized for the delay and explained nicely. Eventually my masks arrived, the quality is fine.

  27. Gord Kross (client confirmé)

    A very nice mask. I like that they are washable. This is an honest company that stands behind their workmanship. Customer satisfaction is guaranteed! I will buy from them again!

  28. Joan

    We are really pleased with our masks., and like the fact hat they can be washed up to 7 times. We ordered on Saturday, May 2 and received from Canada Post on Friday, May 8….great service that we really appreciated!!! We are also proud to support Canada’s economy…these masks are made in Toronto. Thanks Canada Mask Supply!

  29. OLIVER RODRIGUES (client confirmé)

    Thank you Isabella, your help was very much appreciated. Excellent customer service!

  30. Peter and Rosemary McConnell (client confirmé)

    Absolutely fantastic, even delivered before promised date and I had lost before on a scam. This is no scam. best wishes for great growth and success. Well done. expect you will be great success.
    Peter McConnell Oakville

  31. pnawalan (client confirmé)

    We ordered 10 about 2 weeks ago, and just ordered 10 more. They fit well. A bit more expensive than disposable masks (if you can find any) but they are washable hence cheaper, Thanks for a great product.

  32. Trudi Clark

    Received masks today. Am so pleased. They fit well and are washable to boot. Excellent customer service. and the fact they are made in Canada is excellent.

  33. Mark T.

    The masks received were exactly as described with the proper elastic straps and metal strip so the mask can be properly fitted around the nose. I found it easy to breathe and moisture accumulation was minimal after about a 25 minute shopping trip. This is A well thought out product to rival one use surgical masks with an added bonus of washing and reusing each mask 7 times. I was given 2 cloth masks by my work which were a horrible fit around the nose and get soaked quickly from breathing so I gave them back and use the ones from Canada Mask Supply. Bravo on your product! I will be buying more as needed.👍

  34. Helen K (client confirmé)

    My 2 adult sibs and I ordered these adult masks. All of us very pleased. Fit well, stay in place and breathable. Wash up fine. I have bot more expensive
    *surgical* masks (both cloth and paper) and these are the best. Sometimes, if I am especially concerned about protection e.g. the day I had to go to the ED b/c of an injury or if I’m going into a shop that doesn’t insist on masks, I will wear one of these Canada masks loose inside a second one that I loop behind my ears. That works well, too.. BTW – I have recently discovered that my masks stay on more securely if I use an XL bobby pin to hold it in place on each side behind my ears – the Kit brand. Helen K, Burlington, ON.

  35. Merle Morrison (client confirmé)

    Just got my masks.
    They’re the best ever!
    I love that they’re Canadian eh?
    Thank you so much.

  36. Ed Gravel (client confirmé)

    Ordered the 10 pack of face masks and only took a few days to get here. Was actually surprised by the quality and love that they are washable for up to 7 uses each. Received email notifications of the order and shipping confirmation so this company was right up top of it.

  37. Larry cuozzo (client confirmé)

    Very good fit and seal. I’ll buy more before the kids return to school in the Fall.

  38. R. Chayko (client confirmé)

    I ordered 30 face masks early in the lock down but after several weeks they still have not been received – just sent 1 email to inquire and received an immediate response – it still took a week or so to fill my order but Isabella was fabulous – the masks are very good quality and since they are washable, worth the price

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